Building Blocks For A Strong Start  

Young Toddlers And Early Preschool Students Take Their First Steps On A Lifelong Learning Journey Now

Building Blocks For A Strong Start

Young Toddlers And Early Preschool Students Take Their First Steps On A Lifelong Learning Journey Now

Young Toddler | 12-14 months - 2 years | Serving Plano, TX

Enrollment Is Now Open For The Transitional Toddler Program Serving 12-18 Months!

Small Class Sizes Improve Learning Experiences

Teachers give your toddler an abundance of individualized attention thanks to small class sizes; this ensures they receive the guidance they need to succeed and extra help with any learning hurdles.

Pics and Progress Reports Within Just A Few Clicks

Stay up to date and informed on every detail of your toddler’s day, thanks to the Brightwheel mobile communication app. Browse a mini news feed from teachers, including photos, videos, food details, progress reports, and much more.

The Frog Street Curriculum® Is An Early Learning Foundation

Your toddler learns in weekly themes as teachers gradually introduce more structure to the classroom. Their vocabulary expands, they begin to recognize letters and numbers, and they learn to identify what’s in their home, neighborhood, and surroundings.

Choose From Half-Day, Part-Time, Or Full-Time Care Options

Daily Enrichments That Encourage Self-Expression

Art class stimulates your toddler’s creativity, dance provides a new outlet to express emotions, and baby signing teaches them how to communicate. Learning Spanish at a young age expands their language skills while bending into yoga poses releases anxiety.

Strengthening Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Your toddler practices walking in a straight line, shooting a basketball into a hoop on an in-house court, and holding a pencil. They develop balance and agility as their large muscle groups grow and coordination as they manipulate small objects.

Soft Playground Packed With Exciting Amenities

Outdoor play is scheduled for up to 45 minutes, twice a day, on a soft surface playground that prevents cuts and scrapes. Your child plays on climbing structures, splashes in a mini water park, and tends to little gardens.

An Organic Range of Meals and Snacks

Home-cooked meals are entirely nut and preservative-free and can be customized based on your child’s allergies or sensitivities. We aim to raise the bar on quality without raising prices and use lots of fruits, veggies, lean meats, and whole grains.

Every Precaution Keeps Your Toddler Super Safe

Your little one scans in each day with a biometric handprint and plays in a fully fenced in yard. Security cameras keep a watchful eye, and doors require keycode access, keeping crawling toddlers out of harm’s way as they explore.

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