Why Choose Us

A Family Focus

A mommy-owned business with enrolled children who understands your needs

Small Class Sizes

Children have more room to participate and receive more attention and support.

A Communication App

Parents use the Brightwheel phone app™ to stay updated on important milestones.

Organic Meals Daily

Healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided daily and always delicious tasting.

Daily STEAM Activities

Daily Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math activities bolster learning.

Yoga And Music

Children learn Yoga, Music, and Spanish to add to their daily learning.
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Full-Sized Gym

A gym, a little library, and a computer lab enhance your child’s education.

Restricted Access Entryways

Your child stays safe with secure entry, a private yard, and cameras.

How Old Is Your Child?

Infants / Wobblers

6 Wks - 12 Months


1 - 3 Years


3 - 4 Years


4 - 6 Years

After School

5 - 8 Years

Summer Camp

5 - 10 Years