Introduce Your Baby To The Joys Of Learning

We Give Your Little One The Love, Respect, And Gentle Guidance They Need Every Day

Introduce Your Baby To The Joys Of Learning

We Give Your Little One The Love, Respect, And Gentle Guidance They Need Every Day

INFANT | 6 weeks - 18 months | Serving Plano, TX

Enrollment Is Now Open For The Transitional Toddler Program Serving 12-18 Months!

Play Is Designed To Stimulate The Senses

Play Is Designed To Stimulate The Senses

Sensory play sharpens your baby’s mind by improving their motor skills, problem-solving and social interactions. They manipulate playdough, splash with colored water, and reach into tissue boxes to feel different textures.

The Brightwheel App Keeps You Up To Date

Scroll through your baby’s personalized news feed and browse photos, videos, food updates, and curriculum details. Staff easily share your child’s milestones through an efficient mobile app that also allows for automatic payments.

Puppets and Storytime Ignite The Imagination

Teachers encourage your baby’s mind to wander with fun puppet shows and storytime that introduce them to new concepts and experiences. These activities stimulate their cognitive development to set the stage for future learning.

1.5 Hours A Day Strolling Outdoors

Your baby discovers the wonders of the natural world with daily stroller walks of up to an hour or more. They marvel at new plants and animals along the way and observe as the seasons change around them. 

1.5 Hours A Day Strolling Outdoors

Owned By A Mommy With Young Kids Of Her Own

Our owner knows what taking care of little ones is like because she has a few of her own! She is regularly on-site to ensure everything is running smoothly and answer any questions you may have about your baby’s care.

Feeding Options Based On Your Child’s Unique Needs

As a breastfeeding-friendly team, you have the option of letting us know whether your baby should be fed formula or breast milk. Either option can be stored, and caretakers feed your baby on a schedule that works best for them. 

Your Baby Learns Signing And Spanish At This Age

Daily enrichments such as music, Spanish, and baby signing help your little ones express their wants and needs before they’re able to string sentences together. They learn how to gesture, use sounds to signal, and display a range of emotions.

Teachers Are Loving and Nurturing Guides

Your baby’s caretakers have a real passion for early childhood education and do all they can to make your child feel like they’re part of our family. The warm, affectionate environment they create each day mimics a home away from home.

Safety Is Guaranteed With Secured Entry and More

Restricted access entryways and a fenced-in yard keep your baby safe and secure at all times. Meanwhile, CCTV cameras work around the clock to maintain a watchful eye on all corners of our center.

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