A Head Start On School Readiness

We Give Your Little Learner Space To Blossom While They Learn The Skills They Need For School And Life

A Head Start On School Readiness

We Give Your Little Learner Space To Blossom While They Learn The Skills They Need For School And Life

Preschool | 3 to 4 years | Serving Plano, TX

Small Class Sizes For Extra Personal Attention

Your preschooler’s learning experience is enhanced by having more room and opportunities to participate in the classroom. They receive extra help with any challenges and more time to shine at what they do best.

The Brightwheel App Is Your Favorite News Feed

Browse cute photos, videos, daily reports, and more within just a few clicks on our handy mobile app. Teachers share frequent feedback with you, and you never miss a beat about your child’s day.

Organic Meal Program Prepared In-House

Your child is fueled by healthy nut-free and preservative-free meals that can be customized based on their allergies or sensitivities. Everything is organic and made in-house by a chef who uses lots of fruits and veggies.

STEAM Builds A Strong Academic Foundation

Daily science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities introduce your preschooler to the fundamentals of logic and critical thinking. They learn all of the academic basics needed for a successful school start.

Fun Extracurriculars Develop New Skills

From yoga to Spanish, music, dance, and art, your child gets creative and learns how to express themselves better. Baseball, hockey, basketball, tennis, football, and track and field are also available for a nominal fee.

Patient Teachers Are Also Passionate About Education

Your preschooler’s teachers are truly dedicated to what they do and treat each child with warmth, respect, and empathy. Many have over a decade of experience and have worked with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Wide Variety Of Interactive Exciting Indoor Amenities

When they’re not busy in the classroom, your child can stay active in a full-sized indoor gym, read quietly in a library, and practice their typing skills in an on-site computer lab. They’ll never be at a loss for what to do!

Twice Daily Outdoor Play On Soft Turf

Agility and coordination are developed with fun in the fresh air for up to 45 minutes, twice a day. Flooring is made of turf to prevent splinters, and your preschooler chooses from play structures, a basketball court, a mini garden, and more.

Proven Measures To Keep Your Little One Safe

Your preschooler is always secure in our care, thanks to doors that require keycodes, a fully fenced in yard, and the use of CCTV cameras. They scan in each day with a biometric handprint to help us track their whereabouts.

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