Prepare Your Little One For Their Big Leap

Polishing School Skills Ahead Of Kindergarten Entry

Prepare Your Little One For Their Big Leap

Polishing School Skills Ahead Of Kindergarten Entry

Pre-K | 4-5 years | Advanced Pre-K 5-6 years | Serving Plano, TX

The Frog Street® Curriculum Guides Your Child’s Learning

Designed around 9 thematic units, the curriculum your little one follows integrates literacy, math, science, social studies, and socio-emotional connections. They learn how to spell, write their name, count, add numbers, and much more.

Extra Attention and Individualized Guidance

Your child benefits from smaller than average class sizes, enabling them to have more one on one time with their teacher and participate more during group activities. They receive any extra support they need, and they’ll never be a wallflower.

You Receive Regular Feedback And Updates

Log into the Brightwheel mobile app and receive photos, videos, progress reports, and other helpful information within just a few clicks! Your child’s teacher shares feedback with you regularly so you can stay in the know.

Nutritious Meals and Snacks Made In-House

Whipped up by a talented on-site chef, each item on our menu is organic, nut-free, and preservative-free. They’re all filled to the brim with fresh fruits and veggies and can be customized based on allergies or sensitivities.

STEAM Education Ensures Kindergarten Readiness

Learning about science, technology, engineering, art, and math prepares your child for their approaching entry to Kindergarten. They learn critical skills like logic, analysis, and reasoning that carry them through school years ahead.

Flexible Scheduling Includes Half-Day, Part-Time and Full-Time Options

Discovering New Interests With Fun Extracurriculars

Your student develops new hobbies and passions by dancing, doing yoga, learning Spanish, singing, and doing arts and crafts. They can also partake in basketball, soccer, hockey, football, and other sports for a nominal fee.

Teachers Have Experience With This Age Group

Many of our staff have decades of experience and will quickly identify when your child can be gently pushed to achieve more or needs extra help with a challenging project. Above all, they treat your little one with love and respect.

Staying Busy With Indoor Recreational Facilities

From group sports in a full-size indoor gym to learning how to type at lightning speed in a computer lab or reading fantastical tales in a library, your student has no shortage of opportunities to stay busy outside of the classroom.

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The Epic Playground Comes Complete With A Water Park

Our turf playground is loads of fun and offers your little one various climbing structures, a basketball court, a mini waterpark, and a garden. They stay active with playtime scheduled for up to 45 minutes, twice a day.

Playing and Exploring Without Worry Every Day

Your little one roams and discovers safely thanks to restricted access doors, a fully fenced in yard, and CCTV cameras. Teachers easily keep track by having you check in using a biometric handprint at the start of each day. 

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