A Summer Of Learning And Fun

Exciting Themes That Unlock New Worlds, Supported Learning, And Lots Of Movement

A Summer Of Learning And Fun

Exciting Themes That Unlock New Worlds, Supported Learning, And Lots Of Movement

SUMMER CAMP | 5-12 years | Serving Plano, TX

The Perfect Combination Of Fun And Learning

Summer means the end of the academic school year, but not the end of learning! Children balance combining learning and fun to optimize their summer experience and have a summer well spent with friends.

Daily Outdoor Play Keeps Children Moving

Your child goes outside to conquer a fun play area each day. Fresh air is good for children’s health, and they run, jump, stretch, and spring until they get tired, maintaining much necessary physical activity.

Snack Time Is A Part Of Their Day

Tasty, healthy, and nutrition-filled snacks are part of your child’s daily schedule. Snacks are included in tuition and contribute to keeping your child healthy and full of energy throughout the day until you pick them up.

Expert Teachers Support Your Child’s Learning

All-in, qualified, and experienced teachers are passionate about strengthening your child’s learning and introducing them to skills, concepts, and information that helps them feel empowered and confident about a new school year.

A Summer Schedule* Full Of Exciting Themes

Children participate in creative and engaging themes throughout the summer. Activities, projects, lessons, and play come together to introduce them to new worlds and spark their imagination. Different themes keep their summer experience exciting!

*As a temporary covid safety measure, there are no off-site field trips nor on-site visitors for the time being.

Time With Friends Builds New Bonds

Time spent with friends is an essential aspect of camp, and children have plenty of time to make new and trusting connections with their peers. They can exchange stories, create new memories, and experience camaraderie.

Social-Emotional Development Empowers Children To Advance

In addition to academic support and resources, children benefit from developing their social-emotional skills in a way that prepares them for the upcoming school year. They practice showing respect, sharing, and having empathy for others.

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