Daycare vs Nanny

Daycare vs Nanny

Childcare is something you don’t ever really think about until you have to. With the number of double income households increasing across the country, there are many options out there for child care. Two of the most popular options include a daycare facility and a nanny. Are these two of the options you are considering? Here is a breakdown of why people might choose a daycare facility vs a nanny:


While daycare facilities are not considered cheap, by any means. A private nanny tends to run up a much higher bill.


A good daycare center is a highly regulated facility with many checks and balances systems in place to ensure your child is safe and taken care of. Staff is monitored closely to make sure policies and procedures are followed for the sake of the well being of the children. Nannies are generally left to themselves. While many people are using the convenience of “nanny cams”, they can’t necessarily ensure the kind of regulated oversight found in a daycare center.


In a daycare setting, children are able to interact with other children their age. This regular interaction can help develop critical skills.


Many daycare centers offer a structured, early childhood curriculum from infant age and up. This can significantly speed up learning from a very young age. Depending on the size, they might also include programs through preschool and even pre-Kindergarten.

At Windhaven Academy, we know that there are many factors a family must consider before choosing child care for their little ones. We offer caring and nurturing educators, a structured environment, and a proven curriculum that we know you and your children will benefit from. We also offer real time updates to your phone regarding how your child’s day is going.
With low teacher to student ratios and the highest regard for the safety and well being of our students, we know that Windhaven Academy will be the right choice for your family. Come tour our facility today to find out more![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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