Screen Time for Children

Screen Time for children In today’s world, screens are everywhere. They are a source of entertainment, productivity, and socialization, but at what age are they safe? A new study used MRIs to find out more information. The study scanned the brains of 3 to 5 year old children and found

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Daycare vs Nanny

Daycare vs Nanny Childcare is something you don’t ever really think about until you have to. With the number of double income households increasing across the country, there are many options out there for child care. Two of the most popular options include a daycare facility and a nanny. Are

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How Old Is Your Child?

Infants / Wobblers

6 Wks - 12 Months


1 - 3 Years


3 - 4 Years


4 - 6 Years

After School

5 - 8 Years

Summer Camp

5 - 8 Years