Screen Time for Children

Screen Time for children

In today’s world, screens are everywhere. They are a source of entertainment, productivity, and socialization, but at what age are they safe? A new study used MRIs to find out more information.

The study scanned the brains of 3 to 5 year old children and found that children who used screens more than one hour per day had lower levels of development in the white matter of their brains. This white matter area is in charge of the development of cognitive skills, literacy, and language.

Former studies have even shown that excessive TV viewing is linked to poor eating habits, behavioral issues, low attention span, and the inability to think clearly in children. Screen time has even been associated with poor sleep, delay in language, and decreased engagement between parents and children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommendations for screen time for children of various ages. For preschoolers, 3 to 5 years old, it has been shown that they can benefit from educational shows and programs. However, the AAP does warn that majority of the educational apps that are on the market today are developed without any input from child development specialists and may be more harmful than helpful. Another thing to note is that preschoolers, and even toddlers, learn better from educational material when a caregiver views and reviews the material with the children.

Sometimes, how much screen time a child has depends on their child care. When parents are working, a child can spend up to 12 hours with their Child Care provider.

At Windhaven Academy, we do not allow television time for the children to avoid non educational viewing. We have a computer lab available for our Pre-Kindergarten (4 to 5 year old) and after school (5 to 12 year old) students. Our computer lab uses certified educational programs that are designed to improve cognitive abilities, language development, and social development. Our teachers participate and interact with the children about the material being taught, ensuring a greater level of learning.

Assia Mahmood, DC
Owner of Windhaven Academy

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